How To Set Up Your Merchant Account using PAYPAL

To open a paypal account, go to and register as a STANDARD BUSINESS account.  As a part of the process, they will ask you to verify your identity.  To do so, add a bank account to your paypal account (this is where you can make deposit of funds received from customers using paypal.).


Paypal will make 2 deposits to your account and then they ask that you let them know what they deposited (it's usually in cents i.e. $ .07).  Once you verify that then the account becomes active.  Once it is active, we can, then, complete all the configurations for your website. The Paypal verification will take anywhere from 24 hours (they have instant verification) to 3 days (manual verification) to complete.



TO VIEW A VIDEO On how to set up your account, PLEASE CLICK HERE.



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