Which Font Should I Use for My Web Page?

Tips on Choosing Fonts for Your Website

It's true that preferences for visual appearance vary from person to person, so that one man's meat is another man's poison. However, where web pages are concerned, the range of fonts that webmasters can select for their pages are not as wide as you may think. Even if you were to have a million fonts installed on your computer, you are mostly limited by what your website users have installed on their computers.

Why You May Not Be Able to Use Your Favourite Font

When you create a web page and specify a particular typeface (loosely called "font" here) for that page using the default method provided by your web editor, the font is not actually embedded in your web page. All your web editor does is to put a reference to the font into the page.

For example, let us say you create a web page that uses the Rockwell font.

The Rockwell font itself is not embedded in the web page. If your visitor does not have that particular font, his/her browser will use some other font, even if it does not suit the content and design of your page.

This is the reason why most webmasters choose commonly available typefaces and avoid esoteric ones that only few people have.

Most Commonly-Used Lists of Fonts

In general, if you want to create a web page that looks mostly the same no matter what sort of computer your visitors use, it's best to use the following fonts.  Any other type of font request will result in additional charges to code, however, the following universal fonts will not result in additional charges for edits within the body of the page.  Font changes within the codes, menu, stylesheet will result in additional cost:

Arial Black
Book Antiqua
Comic Sans MS
Courier New
Times New Roman
Trebuchet MS

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