Important Information about SSL Certificates

In an effort to keep our customers informed, we have compiled a few FAQs on ths subject of SSL Certificate to ensure that you are fully aware of the new trends that may affect your ranking online and policies by payment gateways that will affect you if you are accepting payment online, with particular emphasis on Paypal.

Do I Need SSL?

The short answer is yes. Web site encryption should be a required part of every eCommerce transaction for a wide variety of reasons, both technological, transactional and social.

First, what is SSL?

SSL is an encryption system that encrypts all the information between your customer and your web store. This makes it much safer for people to send sensitive information (like credit card info) while paying for goods, services or sending donations online.

How do I know if I have it or not?

When SSL is working properly you'll see a lock in your browser's address bar: 

HBJamaica SSL Certificates for Sale


Do I need SSL If I Use PayPal?

When HBCommerce Web Store conducts a transaction with PayPal, PayPal attempts to communicate with your web store to send information about that transaction. This process is called Instant Payment Notification, or IPN.

IPN verification works using a normal web request, meaning that PayPal simply visits a page on your web store.

PayPal has changing the protocol it uses to communicate with your web store.  These notices were sent our BY PAYPAL to all Paypal Sellers.  Previously Paypal allowed plain HTTP, but now it will require SSL and use HTTPS. This transition began on September 30, 2016 and it is NOW FIRM for 2018 and going forward. If your web store does NOT hava an SSL Certificate by this date, IPN verification will not work, and your web store will not be updated when transactions are made.

Note: if a customer tried to make a purchase it would still succeed, but your store would not be notified of that fact, and your records will not reflect the sale properly.

Why do I need SSL Certificates?

  1. As mentioned above, it encrypts all the information between your end user and your web store. Having someone get their identity stolen while using your web store isn't worth the headache. Our SSL Certificate come with an insurance policy of US$10,000 Ask us for more details.
  2. It's required by Credit Card companies such as Paypal, NCB Bank, Scotia Bank and MUCH MORE.
  3. People won't trust your web store without it. People have been well trained to look for the lock in their browser, and won't buy without it, even if you manage to find a way to not need it technologically.
  4. There is a pattern: browsers such as Google, and Firefox are incrementally adding warnings for HTTP, raising their expectations each month as the web moves further towards a fully-encrypted future.
  5. WIth SSL Certificates - Encrypted Websites Will Now Get A Boost In Google Search Rankings READ MORE

What are alternatives if I do not wish to add an SSL certificate and I am using Paypal?

The best alternative within PayPal is PayPal Express. PayPal Express still requires HTTP 1.1 and TLS 1.2, but does not require the 2048-bit certificate. However, only buyers that are SIGN UP with Paypal can use this to pay for your goods or services. Lastly, if you do not purchase an SSL, please be sure that you will not get timely order notifications from the web store and you will need to rely on Paypal to notify you of a purchase from an email DIRECTLY from Paypal, instead of the web store.

I am ready to buy an SSL Certificate what does it cost?

HBJamaica offers SSL Certificates at low prices (billed annually). Please contact our office if you desire a quotation and we will be happy to assist you. SIMPLY drop us a QUICK email at: and we will email to you a quotation for this service.


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