What are the steps taken in designing my website?

First , we determine the exact goals of the client's website. If, for instance, you are selling a tangible product then the goal would be a site that has your product listings, pictures, descriptions, prices and shipping information in an online catalog. The end goal being a website enabling the consumer to easily view, gather information about and then purchase these products online (E-commerce). In addition to these basic goals, there is the more far reaching and highly important goal of determining how this site will fit in with your marketing strategy. All these facts are formulated in a design layout that describes the fundamental business strategy behind your website. In essence, we want to ensure that we, as the website design team, fully understand what is required to satisfy our client's ultimate Internet and marketing goals. •

Secondly, our design team works with the client to create a basic visual layout of how the site will appear on the screen. This can be as simple as being drawn out by the client on a plain piece of paper, using a word processor or even by showing us another website that looks like what you want your site to look like. In this step, we might make suggestions about adding any additional functions that are absolutely necessary or simply might be useful. This step is our outline for the actual website. •

The third step is to map the flow of the site from the consumers' point of view in order to ensure that potential customers can easily navigate from the entry point through to the main content pages (and all other pages within the site). This is done by providing intuitive and thorough navigational tools. •

In the last step, we combine all the above information (marketing strategies, E-commerce, and visual layout) and come up with the final and complete website design plan. Our design team registers the client's domain name, activates the client's host account, codes the pages and implements any other elements necessary to make the client's website functional. We test all components of the site and then submit the site in beta (or test) format for the client to view and approve. If any additions or adaptations are necessary, they are made at this point. The site is then re-tested and re-submitted for the client's final approval. Next, the site is uploaded to our server with a final test of all the site's functions. 

Finally, when we are sure the test site is in perfect order and the client is satisfied, the website is submitted to search engines and/or directories and the client is instructed to implement any additional marketing strategies. Violá! Your website is ready for the world to see!

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