Thank you for contacting us.  You have reached the support desk.  We have completed a test and there is no issue with the incoming or outgoing functions of the email.  You can also validate it by logging into the CPANEL and check the Track Delivery Report.  This report will ALWAYS show incoming and outgoing emails and if they were successful or unsuccessful.  **Please see attached screenshot**

Please view this FAQ on accessing the Track Delivery Report

In addition, we looked further into the webmail system and saw that you had the sort showing the recent emails to the bottom of a very long list.  We have sorted it to show the recent emails to the top of the list.  Please view this FAQ of how it was done:


If you are still experiencing issues, then the ONLY remaining ways to solve it is to ensure that you are using the **correct password and settings in your external devices** and to also ensure that you scan your desktop for malware (if the issue is within external email clients such as Outlook).  

>Login here to access the CPANEL to reset your password:

Please note that you can access your email account through either our WEBMAIL system or an EXTERNAL email client such as Outlook or your MOBILE DEVICE.  The details for each option are located below in the following FAQ.

To access the WEBMAIL SYSTEM, click this link: ****

For most **ANDROID PHONES,** please view this tutorial:


For general information on setting up email on most **MOBILE DEVICES and EMAIL CLIENTS** such as Outlook, please view this tutorial:


Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

Kindest Regards,
Kelvin L.
Linux Systems Administrator
HBJamaica Support Desk

cc:  Lisa C., Account Representative

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